About Our Traveling Zoo

We are a husband (Shon) and wife (Jenia) writing about the excitement of working, living, and traveling with family, both abroad and at home in the United States. We’ve been teaching overseas more or less since 2012, when we started with ADEC in the UAE, and we’ve lived and worked in Russia, spent a year back in the USA, and are now in south China. While living abroad we have welcomed two lovely little monsters into this wondrous world, and we’ve gone from having tidy, fast-paced adventures to having the kind of slow, sloppy ones that a family experiences together.

Shon is an English teacher, a motorcycle enthusiast, writer, and sometimes-songwriter.

Jenia is a stay-at-home mom, interpreter, and amateur photographer.

Turtle is the first-born son who says he likes “to go on trains, airplanes, and buses.” He is also an automobile enthusiast and foodie.

Princess is the one-and-only daughter who believes first and foremost in her primacy. Additionally, though, she likes walks, steamed buns, and babies. She adds that she likes “ice cream, strawberries, and apples.”

We all love good books, taking pictures, eating well, and, clearly, traveling the world. Since we don’t make big money, we like to keep the travels cheap.

Teaching overseas is our single biggest traveling hack–it enables us to do what we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Join us!

Our Traveling Zoo Family
Our nomadic family captured somewhere in the US
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