Life in China: How does Living in China Compare to Living in the UAE?

We are often asked how living in China compares to living in the UAE. We finally sat down and wrote a detailed answer.

Many of you know we started our expatriate lives off teaching overseas in the United Arab Emirates. You maybe wondering the same question we find ourselves asked frequently: “How does living in China compare to living in the UAE?” Or perhaps, “How does teaching in China compare to teaching in the United Arab Emirates?” As it turns out, that’s...

“Teacher, You Like Coffee?” A True Story from Arabia

Arabian coffee pot sketch

Imagine yourself, a qualified professional teacher who is accustomed to a certain level of, what, decorum? in the classroom. Now, imagine that you arrive at your new job, and you find that all of your expectations are…going out the window. Along with the students. But the story about kids going out windows is for another day. Today’s true story...

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