Wednesday Postcard: Okinawa

View of Coastline from Cape Hedo

Today’s postcard comes courtesy of Japan’s Hawaii: Okinawa. We took the kids, as usual, and traveled with a friend to explore this beautiful Japanese island three weeks ago. Here’s what would go on the back of this image, if it were a postcard: It’s been a day of driving from our home base near Nago to Cape Hedo and...

Life in China: How does Living in China Compare to Living in the UAE?

We are often asked how living in China compares to living in the UAE. We finally sat down and wrote a detailed answer.

Many of you know we started our expatriate lives off teaching overseas in the United Arab Emirates. You maybe wondering the same question we find ourselves asked frequently: “How does living in China compare to living in the UAE?” Or perhaps, “How does teaching in China compare to teaching in the United Arab Emirates?” As it turns out, that’s...

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