Three Things to Buy Before Moving Abroad

unlocked smartphone must buy item before traveling abroad

Must-Buy Things Before Moving Overseas So you’re a soon-to-be expat? You’ve signed a contract and you’ll be living overseas, abroad, in an exotic locale rubbing shoulders with fascinating people from cultures new and unexperienced. That’s wonderful! If you know anything about Our Traveling Zoo, we think you’ve made a wonderful decision that will positively change your life. A common...

Life in China: Food Culture

China Food Culture

This installment of our Life in China series kicks off a discussion about food culture. Before we get started, bear in mind that we’re looking at things through our American lenses, and we know that naturally we carry our own cultural biases with us as we live and work in China. China remains a foreign country to us, even...

Life in China: A Series

Life in China as expats

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of posts about life in China, specifically Shenzhen. Living in China is something friends and family ask us about regularly, and learning more about daily life in this humungous nation was a topic of sincere interest for us before we moved, too. We found it really helpful to get in...

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