On the Move Again

looking over the Mojave desert

Yep, we are moving again. Twice, actually. Internationally and transcontinentally at about the same time. One day recently, it became very obvious that we should stop trying to return to China and less than 24 hours later Shon received a job offer in California. So for the past week or so, my life has been nothing but sorting, packing,...

Northern Michigan Itinerary for a Family on a Budget


Everyone who visits northern Michigan goes to Mackinac Island. But Mackinac Island is an expensive place and kitschy, too. So what can you do in Northern Michigan that’s both budget friendly and not hokey? We consulted our friends Jody and Megan Terrell at Wallhanger Photography, headquartered in Kalkaska, and then we hit the road together to have some fun....

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